When your beloved pet passes away, you have choices to make. We can help you at this difficult time. We can collect your beloved pet from your home or by arrangement at your veterinary surgery. If you wish to attend the internment and have somebody say a few words we can arrange all this for you.

We want you to let us know what you want and let us make these last moments unique and special. If you don’t want to be there at the burial you can come to the pet cemetery later to see your loved pet’s final resting place knowing that they received a caring and dignified professional service.

The cemetery will cater for all pets and will be a place of quiet and peaceful contemplation where you can visit and remember all the happy times you shared with your pet. Windy park will be a natural grassland/wildflower meadow and we will create a new woodland where you can plant a tree in memory of your cherished pet.

An established woodland is available for scattering of pet’s ashes. We also have a range of eco-friendly wicker baskets and caskets to suit most pets.

Burial of pets (A.H.V.L.A approved)

Burial of ashes (SEPA approved)

For advice and assistance contact Anne Skea, 07981 358062


Pet Cemetery and Pet Undertakers